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Database Administrator

Job Requirements:

Qualification Requirements

  1. Four year degree in Computer Science or equivalent educa on.
  2. 5 years minimum work experience as a full- me Database Administra on (DBA).
  3. 3 years minimum work experience as an Applica on Database Administrator.
  4. Common IT Hardware, So ware and Opera ng Systems knowledge (Windows and


  1. Experience with Oracle, DB2, SQL Server database technologies
  2. Experience in implementa on and suppor ng enterprise wide business applica ons
  3. Applica ons op miza on using clustered environments
  4. Experience in web security


Location Requirements(Global DBA)

  1. Must be able to read, write and communicate with others in English.




Ensure business application and database uptime and performance within 24 hour production environment.

Act as point of contact between Business Systems Group and third party vendors for all application and database related issues.



  1. Define and track:
  2. Server CPU requirements, disk capacity, compatible operating systems and topology options;
  3. Reserve capacity to support back-ups, development and training environments;
  4. Monitor growth patterns with respect to changing user base, application complexity and future initiatives;
  5. Appropriate schedule frequency for environment snapshots;
  6. Timing database backup frequency with global time zone constraints and scheduled snapshots;
  7. Log business application downtime events, mean-time to recovery, chart actuals;
  8. Corrective action(s) to downtime events;
  9. Define Litens standard for third party application installation / integration;
  10. Develop disaster recovery plans for enterprise applications and databases;
  11. Improve system performance with assessment of network bottlenecks, applications competing for shared server resources, tuning data bases and optimizing complex procedures;
  12. Perform routine maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting of issues related to alerts, urgent tickets/requests, overnight tasks, ad-hoc requests, etc.
  13. Work closely with global Business Analysts, Application Developers, Application Architect; contributing to system planning, ensuring technical resources comprehend; database standards, application constraints and operating system compatibility and web browser compatibility requirements;
  14. Ensure database and application vendor compliance with respect to support agreements, licenses, renewals;
  15. Review capacity plans with IS and review of downtime;
  16. Support enterprise application security audit(s).

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