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Brüder-Grimm-Run 2018

During the second weekend of June, Litens Germany participated in the Brüder-Grimm-Run (Brothers Grimm Run). This was the 34th time it has taken place.

This major sporting event was organized by the Brüder-Grimm Lauf community, which lasts three days.

There was a total of 500 participants and 11 teams of which 2 were from Litens. There was a total of 6 members from Litens.

The relay competition was divided into 5 stages, each approximately about 15 kilometers, with a total of 82 kilometers. It starts in Hanau, the birthplace of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, to Steinau, where the fairytale collectors and linguists spent a large part of their childhood and youth.

Litens Team I, with Martin Geißler and Christian Neumann, ranked first place with an extraordinary performance and a one-hour advantage. They finished the entire run with a total of 5hrs: 32min: 28sec, whereas a team that placed second finished with 6hrs: 34min: 28sec.

Litens Team II, with Veeradej Somsuntan, Christoph Schönegge, Ralf Sauer, Monica Mauricio Pereira and Michael Kelm (guest runner) ranked 4th place, with a total time of 7hrs: 23min: 30sec.