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Litens Automotive was formed by an entrepreneurial team that brought an innovative and ground breaking idea to the market – the now universally applied automatic belt tensioner which introduced enormous changes to the industry. This patented product permanently influenced everything from engine/vehicle design to assembly to servicing. Our focus has not only been on the component design, but also on the fundamental mathematics and science of systems using design and analysis software, belt slip and properties measurement systems, testing system, reliability methods and so on. Engineering is a key pillar of our success as evidenced by our numerous innovations that enabled belt drives to evolve into highly engineered, efficient and reliable systems.

Our early experience shaped Litens’ philosophy and approach to provide superior value to our customers by offering deep expertise in the systems that we work with. That approach has resulted in continued discoveries and innovations that have grown our company in terms of product breadth and global scope. As the industry and technology continues to change, our exceptional engineering team continues to follow the same approach, support our customers wish lists, learn, adapt, develop, and invent. Our fundamentals remain the same although the path continuously changes.

Vehicle & Systems

It is necessary to understand powertrains and vehicles, how they interact and how they are used, as well as study the context of legislation and popular trends.

Litens experts are car people. Vehicles are instrumented and driven to map powertrain characteristics in key cities globally. Data is used to identify reliability requirements for design and identify opportunities for improvement or new technologies. Virtual models are correlated and optimized, dynamometer testing schedules calibrated to real world key modes.


Through internal projects, university collaboration and industry partners, Litens has supported the development and use of virtual design and system simulation since formation.


We have 50.000 square feet of physical testing space globally with 150 custom, in-house designed and built test machines.


Litens has a unique interdisciplinary Materials department that combines Physics, Chemistry, Math, and Engineering. This department is equipped with Surface Engineering & Tribology as well as Metallurgy laboratories. Both labs are state of the art with respect to lab technology (i.e. SEM, FTIR, Tribometer, etc.) and technical expertise.


Model 001

FEAD Automatic Belt Tensioner

World first production Automatic FEAD Belt Tensioner (1979 Mustang)
Compact Rotary Tensioner

Timing Belt Tensioner

World first production Automatic Tensioner for timing belt drives

OAD™ (Overrunning Alternator Decoupler)

First production mechanical alternator decoupler


Dynamic Torque Cancellation Sprocket


Crankshaft Torque Modulator Technology
Low tension FEAD

Low Tension FEAD

Methodology for reducing friction losses
Thermal Water Pump

Switchable Waterpump Pulley™

Electronically controlled mechanical water pump


Crankshaft Torsional Isolation for Belt Start applications
Alpha Tensioner

Alpha Tensioner™

Low tension controlled travel for Mild Hybrid system


Tension on demand for optimal BAS operation


Torsional Isolation for MGU in BeltStart application