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Litens, under our brand new division of Litens Health Inc, is pleased to announce the launch of our new FeverFilter™ device, an incredibly easy-to-use temperature screening unit.

Over 40 years, Litens has been developing innovative and efficient solutions to support businesses around the world.  Our goal is to fulfill customer needs with a continuous drive to adapt, design, and invent.

From this drive for innovation and efficiency, the FeverFilter™ device naturally evolved. This new Litens product adapts our expertise in sensing technologies to the new challenges in the age of COVID-19. The FeverFilter™ screener is an unmanned thermometer station that provides the perfect solution for many different types of business, keeping teams safe and facilities protected. We are already using it in our Canadian facilities.

Advantages of the FeverFilter™ device:

  • Fast, real-time measures
  • Capable of multiple measures in a short period, thus efficiently allowing employees/customers to proceed with little delay
  • Detects slight temperature variations to minimize risk
  • Easy to operate device ensures accurate reading

In these challenging times, the use of technology has been beneficial to business owners, employees, and customers. Open your business with confidence using the effective temperature screening solution, FeverFilter™.

For more information about the product, check out the FeverFilter™ website, and follow the LinkedIn Product Page.