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Litens Brazil Achieves an FCA Award

For the second consecutive year in the global model, the “Annual Supplier Conference and Awards”, held by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), recognized the companies that stood out in their commitment to delivering value with innovation, quality, warranty, competitiveness, aligned to the fundamental FCA principles: proactive collaboration, continuous improvement, integrity, empathy and advocacy, long-term thinking, transparency, a sense of urgency and personal responsibility.

The 2018 ceremony took place at the Teatro do Centro Cultural de Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Litens Brazil won this award due to excellence in quality, delivery, and commitment to FCA. Litens was the only supplier of the Powertrain group to take this award.

Richard Schwarzwald, Quality Director, FCA Latin America, reinforced the importance of innovation and collaboration, presenting examples that were milestones in the history of engineering and of the industry. “Suppliers are the pillars of FCA new integration model. Innovation is not only in the great technological feats, it may also be in simple ideas serving to solve a problem or improve the lives of our customers. To achieve that, we must always focus on the customer”, Richard highlighted.

The winners of the award were chosen based on a 360° review of the performance indicators for last year– a classification system that evaluates the performance of the supplier across all areas of the company, such as quality, delivery, cost, warranty and partnership – counting on the participation of local and global leadership of the FCA group.

This award represents a partnership recognition from one of the largest assemblers in South America to Litens. A recognition they see translating into numbers, with business gains in 2017 and 2018. This award reaffirms the partnership between these two big companies.