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Litens Brazil Receives Honda Excellence Award

This May, Honda held its 21st supplier award conference to celebrate their best suppliers from 2018. The event was held in Honda’s newest facility which was just recently inaugurated in March of 2019. The Honda awards ceremony recognizes five categories of distinction: Excellence in Honda Way Quality Program, Excellence in CO2 Reduction Program, Excellence in Competitivity and Localization, Excellence in Parts Customer Service, and most importantly Excellence in Quality and Delivery.

For the fourth year in a row, Litens proudly achieved the Excellence in Quality and Delivery award from Honda. Litens Brazil consistently has one of the highest scores on Honda’s Quality Assurance Visit (QAV-1), at a grade of 95 out 100. This number is determined by a series of detailed audits to measure the quality of all company processes. With a very difficult and judicious scoring process, only two Brazilian Honda suppliers have a score of 95 or over, including Litens.

The hard work and dedication from Litens Brazil solidified our top position among all supplier’s in Honda’s Supplier Ranking.

We would like to thank all our employees for their constant commitment and dedication. We also appreciate the support from all Litens employees worldwide who made this award possible.