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Litens Brazil Wins Health Award

On Friday December 14th Litens Brazil was given the Good Practices in Managing People Award for encouraging employees to exercise more and maintain a healthier lifestyle. The award was granted in the Quality of Life category​​​​ of the award due to the employees increased awareness in health and exercise. ​
Since last year Litens Brazil has been encouraging employees through their “Litens in Movement” program to participate in more physical activity, where employees could log their workouts (swimming, walking, running, cycling) to keep track of their fitness and compete with coworkers. This friendly group competition between employees created an atmosphere where people would increase their workout regimen to increase their group’s chance of winning the non-monetary competition.

This award provided by AGRUPARH, which is a group comprising of 91 companies the Atibaia region in Brazil. The HR departments of these companies have a monthly meeting to discuss HR practices, how to improve their corporations, and employee well being. ​​​

This is a perfect example of a simple project that can make a big difference.