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Litens Receives Two Awards from Toyota

This February, Litens received two significant accolades (the Regional Contribution Award and the Superior Quality Award) from Toyota Motor Company which confirm our superb performance in the automotive industry. The ceremony was held in the city of Toyota in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Although Litens has received three Superior Quality and four Excellent Quality Awards from TMNA plus another Excellent Quality Award from TM China over the past seven years, this is the first time Toyota has recognized Litens as one of their top global suppliers.

Only five other companies received the Regional Contribution Award which shows how Litens is both competitive and well recognized in the industry. Out of the fourteen companies to receive the Superior Quality Award, Litens was the only non-Japanese company to receive this distinction. This is gratifying to know that Litens is recognized globally and is a leader in automotive industries all over the world.

After the ceremony concluded, Toyota’s purchasing management told Litens employees how much they have grown to appreciate us as their leading global supply partner of decoupler products. This level of award is only received from hard work, perseverance, commitment to excellence, and team work on a global organizational basis. Congratulations to the entire Litens team for this recognition and continue to keep up the good work.