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Perform VA analysis (of fits, tolerance stack-ups) on automotive engine components and assemblies. VA includes worst-case, statistical variation, identification of problem areas, tolerance stack contributors, and may also account for temperature, wear, deflection, growth, probability of parts out of specification, stack sensitivity and what happens if design conditions are not met.
Recommend design and tolerance optimizations, improvements and viable design solutions. Capitalize on relaxing component tolerances without sacrificing quality or negatively affecting critical assembly interfaces or component contributors.
Publish formal VA reports and documentation for analysis and future reference.
Develop Litens capabilities for new modelling, VA, techniques and methods, new applications, analysis and drawing standards.
Assume role of Senior CAD Designer when supplemental assistance is required.


Minimum 3 year College Diploma.
Minimum 4 years of CAD experience in the automotive industry or similar.
Demonstrated skills in detailed concept development using available information and tools.
Demonstrated skills in Variation Analysis, and strong understanding of process capability/distributions, use of statistical analysis and applied GD&T (ASME and ISO standards).
Minimum 2 years of full-time VA experience or other appropriate experience.
Competent with SolidWorks.

Additional Information:
Accommodations for disabilities in relation to the job selection process are available upon request.

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