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Global CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) Manager

Own and advance the computer aided product technology vision for Litens globally.  We want you to lead the transformation of the company from a 2D drawing based distributed design model to a 3D model as master integrated virtual engineering environment . As a seasoned leader and manager you will oversee the development and implementation of a new strategy with collaboration of all corporate product data users.  Your exceptional technology skills will help you guide your teams through complex and ambiguous environments towards leading edge integrated technology solutions.

You’re already a skilled leader in the CAE field with experience in 3D model based digital definition, a full understanding of drawings and integrated systems.Your technical experience with large-scale web technologies allows you to lead by example. Strong communication and interpersonal skills allow you to effectively influence others across an organization. In all areas you’re able to anticipate and plan for the future.


  • Lead the transformation of the company product lifecycle to a 3D model based system with PDM.
  • Vision on the future direction of CAD/CAE technology and strategy of the implementation of the concurrent CAD/CAE technology for Litens globally.
  • Expertly lead by example and manage and nurture a group of CAE Analysts, Chief Engineers, Technical leads and Managers
  • Set, maintain and raise a level of technical excellence across your group and the entire development organization
  • Work closely with Product Directors and key Product Development leaders, reporting to the VP of Engineering to build a world-class swift concurrent engineering organization.
  • Attract and recruit talent across the organization to help execute the Litens mission
  • Anticipate and prepare for the future – technology, people, culture and process.


  • Proven CAE technical leadership capability, including in-depth knowledge and experience in CAD, FEA, CFD, MBD, Acoustics, and multi-physics and multi-discipline simulations, etc.
  • Proven leadership and management capability in the strategy, development and implementation of the new CAE methodology and algorithm, and of the customization of the commercial CAE software.
  • Proven product data management knowledge and experience, including CAD, CAE, and all simulation data management over a Cloud System and a global network system.
  • Proven knowledge and experience in CAD/CAE computer system, including CAD/CAE hardware and software, network, Cloud, parallel computing strategy, and computer system implementation and maintenance.
  • Proven technical management experience over at least five years.
  • A history of building teams by developing leaders and managers and recruiting exceptional talent Proven experience in establishing Virtual Product Development strategy, procedure, and team.
  • At least 10+ years direct experience in CAE, 5+ years experience in management, a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from an accredited engineering program, and a P.Eng. license or ready to receive a P.Eng. license is required.
  • The ability to influence an organization through exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.

Additional Information:
· Accommodations for disabilities in relation to the job selection process are available upon request.

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