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Machine Designer – Product Engineering

Job Description

Design tests to validate mechanical and electrical components (Litens Products) for use in OE automotive appli-cations, from given specification documents or original test designs based on skilled knowledge of the compo-nents and operating environment.
Design enhancements or revisions to machines, fixtures, devices to meet new or changing requirements. Coor-dinate the installation/launch of same.
Design fixtures and/or machines to perform engineering tests to specifications. Various technologies including mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic, computer will be required.
Engineering test machines utilize high-load, high-speed shafts with motors, clutches, loads and couplings, ro-bust and reliable designs are mandatory.
Design controlled environmental load systems including high and low temperature, water, salt spray, mud spray, humidity and vibration; and the necessary devices to contain and process these parameters as required.
Prepare drawings and design specifications, bills of material and cost estimates.
Coordinate machine construction, rebuilding and commissioning with Manufacturing Engineering team and others as necessary.
Design, research, specify and source components and equipment.
Interface test machinery and systems to automotive devices including all Litens products, engine control com-puters, digitally controlled components such as alternators, actuators, motors and sensors.

Degree/Diploma in mechanical engineering
3-6 years experience in machinery design
Solidworks CAD
Hands-on and practical skills
Experience with automotive systems will be preferred
Good communication and interpersonal skills are required, both written and verbal.
Knowledge of environmental test procedures
Knowledge of latest test technologies, test equipment, measurement techniques and key suppliers.
Ability to work independently under pressure without supervision, handle multiple projects with conflicting pri-orities.
Safety is an overriding priority; designs machines and devices must meet Canadian safety requirements and shall be of foremost consideration.

Additional Information:
Accommodations for disabilities in relation to the job selection process are available upon request.

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