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Senior Machine Designer


Prepare drawings and design specifications

Design lines, machines and stations utilizing Solid Works to meet product specifications

Work with vendors to procure appropriate materials / technologies

Generates bills of materials per station utilizing our numbering system

Build or modify capital equipment or tooling to meet project timelines and budget

Champion project and design review meetings

Considers safety and ergonomics as top priorities in all designs

Verify robot reaches and prepare layouts as required

Report on design progress and challenges where help is required

Prepare documentation including maintenance requirements, spare part recommendation and failure mode analysis



Degree, Diploma or Certification in Manufacturing or Mechanical Engineering

Must have 5 years of Automation Design and Project Management experience

Must have Solid Works / CAD experience

Knowledgeable in existing and emerging automation technologies in design and sensing

Good understanding of Pre-Start Health and Safety as it pertains to machine builds in the province of Ontario


Add’l. Information: Accommodations for disabilities in relation to the job selection process are available upon request.

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