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Senior MBD Engineer

Job Summary:

We are looking for independent visionary thinkers who work relentlessly for innovation and excellence, and are passionate about becoming pioneers for the future. As a member of the Product Engineering Department, you will drive changes and transform our company to a Model Based Enterprise (MBE) where 3D CAD models are used as the master and are shared across the enterprise.

 Job Responsibilities:

 Develop business processes to handle a mixture of 2D drawing-based parts and 3D model-based parts by collaborating with department representatives across the organization.

 Develop workflows and establish infrastructures to enable collaboration using MBD (Model-based Definition) among the product team (Product Engineering, CAE Analysts, Manufacturing Engineering, Quality, Procurement, Suppliers, and so on).

 Lead MBD discussions with Machine Shop and Suppliers.

 Guide MBD Engineer on developing MBD standards (3D modeling, 3D annotation, and GD&T).

 Inspire people to make a leap of faith to shift our corporate culture to MBE.

 Develop a scheme to verify and validate 3D models at the component level.

 Develop MBD-related standards, procedures, and instructions.

 Lead FEA democratization at the component level and accelerate FEA utilization among Product Engineers.

 Collaborate with other global locations to deploy MBE transformation globally.

Qualification and Experience:

Bachelors’ degree in Engineering, Applied Science, or a technology-related field.

 5+ years of SolidWorks, NX, CATIA, or Creo experience.

 3+ years of CAE experience.

 3+ years of product design and development experience.

 2+ years of GD&T experience.

 Experience in PLM, PDM, or system infrastructure development.

 Experience in working in the mechanical or electrical engineering industry.

 Experience or knowledge of MBD (Model-Based Definition) environments.

 Experience in project management.

Excellent analytical skills for complex problem solving.

Effective priority and time management; autonomous and responsible.

Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Excel, Power Point, Word).

Additional Information:

Accommodations for disabilities in relation to the job selection process are available upon request.

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