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Senior Software Engineer


Lead/Plan and perform software engineering assignments associated with design, development or application.

Approve developed applications

Independently evaluate, select and apply engineering methods, procedures and criteria in making modifications and adaptations.

Create/implement design standards, programming standards and other develop frameworks

Test modules and complete programs and review others work.

Provide guidance on development platforms.

Collaborate with electronics and controls engineers to develop/test/simulate control systems.

Update/Maintain/Create code repositories and revision tracking system.

Use company APQP/DIS process to execute projects.

Prepare designs, calculations, proposal and revision to support engineering projects under direction.

Contribute to quotations, feasibility reviews, drawing reviews, technical reports.

Prepare technical presentations for internal or customer use.

Lead investigations into problems and find root causes using appropriate methods and tools, assist manufacturing and suppliers to make improvements.


BSc in Electrical, Software, or Mechatronics Engineering

Possesses strong problem-solving skills.

Excellent computer skills

Knowledge of up to date program management techniques.

Good knowledge of programming techniques and code management (DevOps/Git)

Good collaboration and communication skills related to presentation of technical information

Have good document and collaboration software understanding (MS Office, MS Teams, etc.)

Additional Information:

  • Accommodations for disabilities in relation to the job selection process are available upon request.

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