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Job Description
This opportunity would give you hand on experience in designing robust and reliable enterprise systems. You will be exposed to latest technologies enabling todays businesses. Gain exposure to a number of transformational global enterprise initiatives. Develop people skills when interacting with the cross functional departments. Litens is going through a major systems led transformation to better tackle the industry challenges of tomorrow. This role working within the cross functional team will have a strong impact on solutions and how Litens operates.

The qualified candidate will work in a rapid development environment as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Tasks will embrace development, debugging, and integrating software, as well as the integration,
regression, and requirement testing of complex enterprise systems.

A strong willingness to learn, find answers to problems and contribute in a highly collaborative Team environment.

Preferably candidates enrolled in computer science, software or computer engineering
Strong Programming background in high level languages (e.g., C#, Java and SQL)
Understanding of configuration Management tools (e.g., Subversion and/or Git)
Understanding of integration practices; synchronous and asynchronous
Experience developing with Microsoft Azure Stack is an asset
Applied experience with RESTful API’s and/or SOA is an asset
Work duration 12-16 months

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