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As a global leader in belt drive systems since the invention of single belt drives, Litens has experience with every manner of system tensioning and isolating strategies including simulation, testing, validation, and production. We are focused on friction-based damping systems as they offer superior performance, reliability and cost over hydraulic based devices. Our belt tensioners have a number of choices for pivot system and damping control depending on customer and applications requirements.
Linear Belt Tensioner

Compact Rotary Tensioner™

The latest iteration of our automatic belt tensioner delivers controlled accessory drive belt tension over the life of the engine with even lighter weight and superior performance.

Fuel Economy Noise Reduction
Idler Pulley

Idler Pulley™

High strength light weight pulleys with proprietary engineered bearings used to facilitate advantageous belt routing.

Noise Reduction
Strut Tensioner

Linear Belt Tensioner™

Our linear tensioner innovation is ideally suited to engines where space is constrained. The design offers superior damping stability and light weight with lifetime reliability.

Fuel Economy Noise Reduction