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Many new and next generation engines have increasing hybridization and mechatronic integration of various configurations either low (48V) or high voltage (>60V). To achieve the necessary efficiency, the system must extract maximum regenerative energy during braking and return the energy to the drivetrain to reduce the use of fuel. The hybrid motor must rapidly switch between generator and motor modes, operating parameters that challenge the mechanical systems. Hybrid belt drives require highly specialized designs to avoid damaging loads and excessive system friction. Litens approach is dedicated to lowest possible tension systems and have a number of bi-directional tensioning solutions to suit any control strategy. Vibration control devices are utilized on high performance engines to manage engine torsional vibration transmitted to the system; this permits higher rates of hybrid motor torque transfer than possible in conventional drive designs, while managing peak loads. Litens systems can be utilized for the highest powered hybrid motors regardless of voltage. Advanced simulation systems in virtual and physical environments support our customer development.

V Tensioner™

Basic hybrid drive tensioner for low power systems.

Fuel Economy Noise Reduction Weight Reduction
Alpha Tensioner

Alpha Tensioner™

Alpha is the next generation in tensioner technology specifically optimized for hybrid drives.  It incorporates optimal response to high torque fast-switching between motoring and generating modes without excessive belt tension.

Fuel Economy Noise Reduction Weight Reduction
Omega Tensioner

Omega Tensioner™

Our original hybrid system tensioner designed to be mounted directly to the electrical motor unit (MGU).

Fuel Economy Noise Reduction Weight Reduction

eStrut Tensioner™

Litens’ eStrut is the industry’s first accessory drive tensioner that can be controlled electronically. Ideal for hybrids where high belt tension can be selectively employed to transmit high torque only when needed. This control allows one to optimize the balance between high power transmission and reduced friction loss.

Fuel Economy Noise Reduction Weight Reduction


Mounted in place of a standard crankshaft pulley, the BASFiltr™ (Belt- Alternator-Starter) smooths the engine firing pulses transmitted through the belt which allows the electric motor unit to transmit higher torque to the engine without slippage or damage.

Fuel Economy Noise Reduction Weight Reduction
DrivFiltr Alternator


Where it is not feasible to use a BASFiltr™, the DRIVFiltr™ gives engine designers the option to mount the power smoothing device to the electrical motor unit to achieve similar benefits in fuel economy and NVH.

Fuel Economy Noise Reduction Weight Reduction

MGU Mounted Tensioner