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Engines continue to increase their power density, driving the need to optimize thermal control rather than rely on simple, traditional cooling systems. The hotter the engine can run without overheating, the better the efficiency. Litens created the first switchable water pump system which allows the pump to be shut off during engine warm-up resulting in up to 60% faster warm-up for increased cabin comfort and improved fuel economy. The pump can be modulated by electronic control to provide pulsed or variable flow as required. Litens design is unique and can be applied to existing water pumps with minor modifications. The control software is calibrated to the engine and integrated into the ECU. Advanced simulation and test equipment are utilized as part of the application engineering process.
Thermal Water Pump

Switchable Waterpump Pulley™

This device allows the engine designer the ability to shut off or limit flow by physically disconnecting the impeller, thereby achieving fast engine warmup and improved fuel economy and comfort.

Fuel Economy