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Our engineered products are designed for dynamic optimization of timing systems allowing them to achieve lifetime durability and improved fuel efficiency. Litens was the first to design and develop automatic timing belt tensioners and we continue to be the global leader with hundreds of millions of parts in the field. We also invented the revolutionary SmartSprocket concept. It consists of a non-round engineered sprocket profile for chain or belt drives designed to reduce or cancel system resonance through torque cancellation while significantly improving durability, noise and fuel efficiency.


Shaped sprockets that smooth the effect of camshaft pulsations through carefully engineered geometry synchronized to the engine firing. Depending on the system, they may be elliptical, triangular or “square” and provides vibration control in a single part.

Fuel Economy Noise Reduction Weight Reduction
Compact Rotary Tensioner

Timing Belt Tensioner™

Designed for demanding overhead cam engine applications, the tensioner significantly extends timing belt life and protects the engine from damaging tooth skip.

Fuel Economy Noise Reduction Weight Reduction