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Vibration in mechanical systems magnify forces, resulting in unwanted noise and harshness during operation. While in many cases engineering a system to resist these negative effects is possible, such solutions require a certain degree of brute force or “over-design” when compared to an optimized solution. By managing vibration to engineered levels; the dynamic forces are suitably controlled and over-design is eliminated. This optimized design reduces frictional loses which translate directly into fuel economy improvements. Modern engines operate at lower speeds and much higher power levels than previous generations resulting in high excitation forces that require vibration control in many subsystems. As technology extracts more useful energy from every system, the importance of vibration management is increasing.


Replaces the standard rigid crankshaft drive pulley with a power smoothing spring/damper system that improves noise, vibration and fuel economy. TorqFiltr™ has a built in overrunning clutch that permits momentary reversal to reduce belt noise and fatigue.

Fuel Economy Noise Reduction Weight Reduction
OAD Alternator

OAD Overrunning Alternator Decoupler™

Litens’ OAD™ changed the industry’s approach to accessory drive design – it was the first product introduced that resulted in significant improvements in engine idle/noise quality and fuel economy by enabling a low tension strategy. The Litens OAD™ offers smooth and reliable belt drive performance, long belt life and easy adaptation.

Fuel Economy Noise Reduction Weight Reduction