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Q1 Award Ceremony

Ford Motor Company Honors Litens with Prestigious Ford Q1 Certification, Ford’s Commendation for Suppliers

Ford Q1 Certification Designates Litens China as Preferred Ford Supplier and Confirms Litens Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Preferred Quality Status

img_3144_2Ford developed the Q1 certification program by establishing standards that represent a consensus on good management practices, with the aim of ensuring that the supplier organization can consistently deliver product or services that will meet and exceed the customer’s quality requirements. To be recognized as a Ford Motor Company Q1 supplier, vendors must achieve a high level of performance for six consecutive months prior to being awarded with Q1 Certification and maintain that level on an ongoing basis. During the evaluation process, Ford and the supplier agree on metrics for achievement and Ford meets with the supplier to continually assess progress.


Ford Q1 Certification publicly acknowledges Litens as a supplier that stands among the best in the world; and qualifies the company for consideration of Ford Motor Company’s World Excellence Award, which is only given to the best-of-the-best automotive suppliers. Ongoing qualification of Ford Q1 Status by Litens provides Ford with the means to accurately forecast quality, drive continuous improvement and ensure customer satisfaction with its preferred supplier.