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Hello Timișoara,
we have a lot in common…

We have discovered qualities in Timișoara that are also core values of the Litens culture. We are convinced that we have uncovered just a few of the values we share, and are excited to learn more. We propose to the inhabitants of Timișoara a partnership in innovation and development, to result in mutual benefit.


Timișoara takes pride in the premieres that have contributed to the development of Romania. As the first city in Europe with electric street lighting, and the first to have the alphanumeric computer in Romania, the first machine in the world for track welding, Timisoara shows a consistent theme of innovation throughout its history.

Founded in Canada in 1979, Litens has over 150 granted core patents in the automotive industry. We developed and produced the first switchable water pump with control software. We pioneered the design principle of low tension, low friction systems now almost universally accepted and deployed. Litens is proud of innovations through which it helped develop the automotive industry around the globe.

Concern for the environment

As Timișoara focuses on offering its inhabitants a clean and green environment, Litens has committed to provide customers with innovation for a sustainable future. With the longest bicycle lane in Romania, hundreds of free bicycles, and the alternate name of Parks City, Timisoara shows itself to be a city that cares for the environment.

At Litens, we are constantly focusing on developing technologies that improve the efficiency of systems and provide concrete reductions in fuel consumption/exhaust emissions. Our work focuses on providing technologies that enable more efficient operation of powertrains, which will reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Our commitment to environmental protection starts from the initial design phase of the product and continues throughout the entire production process, with the objective of continuously reducing waste in all areas of activity.

Evolution through revolution

Evolution through revolution is one of the factors that have made Timișoara one of the most important cities in Romania. Timisoara had the first printed newspaper in Romania, and the first industrial park.

Evolution through revolution has made Litens one of the most important players on the automotive market. Litens was formed by an entrepreneurial team that brought a ground-breaking idea to the market – the now universally applied automatic belt tensioner, which introduced enormous changes to the industry. This patented product permanently influenced everything from engine and vehicle design, to assembly and service.

To see all the systems and products through which we have revolutionized the automotive market and have evolved as a company, click here.


Timișoara has always embraced multiculturalism, bringing together and integrating over 20 ethnic groups and 8 religions, all helping to create a diverse and prosperous city. With locations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, Litens is a global company that embraces multiculturalism. We bring together employees from around the world, who contribute to the company’s continued growth.


Timișoara is focused on providing its inhabitants with a quality lifestyle, constantly adapting to their needs. With diverse culture and selected as the European Capital of Culture for 2021, Timisoara is clearly a city of the highest standard of quality.

With extensive experience and a portfolio of products designed to the highest standards (according to TS 16949 and ISO14001 standards), Litens has an important role to play in meeting the current and future requirements of this ever-changing field.

For almost 40 years, our commitment to quality has brought our reputation of supplier of reliable and advanced solutions for the world’s largest original equipment manufacturers. Our portfolio includes many achievements related to both the innovative character of the products and their quality. Many of these are recognized through customer awards.

We are recognized worldwide as an employer who promotes solid values, such as innovation, multiculturalism and environmental concern. We also promote customer focus, creative thinking and collaboration, providing our employees with long-term career opportunities.

The partnership between Litens and Timișoara will begin this autumn, with the opening of a new production unit of Litens. In the spring we started the construction in Timiş of our newest production plant, our second in Europe, which will be added to the other Litens production plants around the world.

The new 7500 square meter facility, will use automated and semi- automated equipment and we aim to increase the number of employees in the next two years, providing them with a healthy and rewarding work environment.

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