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Litens Automotive is a global leader in power transmission technologies that improve efficiency resulting in tangible fuel economy / emissions benefits. To achieve those results and to develop new solutions, requires a profound understanding of powertrain architectures and their critical sub-systems, advanced engineering tools and motivated engineering teams. Our engineering and development teams work with advanced modeling tools to evaluate complex interactions. They use high technology test and data acquisition equipment to confirm physical results, and they use vehicles and advanced simulators to understand customer usage and reliability. Litens owns over 170 granted core patents and continues to respond to the ever-changing automotive industry by investing heavily in new technology, facilities, and people.

Belt Drive Systems icon

Belt Drive Systems

Today’s belt drive systems are highly evolved and efficient engineered mechanisms that provide quiet and reliable operation through the life of the vehicle. Litens has founded many of the achievements that make these systems so sophisticated despite their apparent simplicity.

Hybrid Drive Systems icon

Hybrid Drive Systems

New powertrains have increased hybridization with electrical power systems, belt driven mild hybrid systems offer major fuel economy benefits at reasonable cost.

To deliver results, these systems must transfer maximum torque and switch directions instantly with high reliability. Litens has developed solutions that meet these challenging requirements. We design the drive systems in a virtual environment and confirm performance using advanced physical testing.

Powertrain Electrification icon

Powertrain Electrification

With increasingly stringent emissions standards and increased global focus on sustainable goals, electric vehicles are becoming more critical to support a greener future. From integrated thermal management solutions to sustainable battery technologies, Litens continues to find efficient solutions for complete systems, regardless of powertrain.

Thermal Management Systems icon

Thermal Management Systems

Today’s newest engines utilize evolved and controlled cooling systems to manage warm-up and engine efficiency during operation. As requirements for energy efficiency increase, the sophistication of control becomes a major necessity.

Litens is a pioneer in the field and has experience and know-how integrating custom control software with our reliable hardware to the engine environment. We can optimize systems in both the virtual and physical environments utilizing leading edge tools.

Torsional Vibration Management icon

Torsional Vibration Management

Advanced and reliable torsional vibration isolator technologies that deliver valuable and cost effective benefits. The world's leading OEM’s use Litens solutions to provide top class vehicles.

Our designs reduce or eliminate unwanted noise and vibration; which also benefits fuel efficiency.

More importantly, our decouplers reduce friction losses enabling real improvements in fuel economy and durability.