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Powertrain Electrification

Electric propulsion systems that promise quiet, emission-free mobility are in the early stages of their development lifecycle. Everything from autos to trucks, trains to aircraft have potential electrical solutions and each is different. Our DNA is completely relevant to bring exciting solutions to electric drives that consumers will value and improve their experience with the technology. We have new ideas, and we are engaged and excited to bring those to life.

The Secrets of Electric Propulsion

Battery electrics carry a small fraction of the energy of the equivalent mass of gasoline. Conserving energy and optimizing the efficiency of the system while also delivering a great experience is paramount. Solid design, electronics and software play leading roles.

We believe that to be attractive, electric mobility needs to be reliable and convenient with the lowest cost of operation. From a technological point of view that means extracting, sharing and directing energy wisely with innovations that allow control and optimization.

Engineering Matters

Excellence makes a difference. And having fun. Our DNA is real innovation built on a foundation of strong culture, diverse talents and backgrounds. We challenge boundaries to unlock new value. No limits on ideas. We push each other to go further.

We Can Do It

Virtual and physical engineering go hand in hand. From system level topology to structures, electronics, vibrations, and software. We can model it with the leading toolsets, we can build it and we can tear it up if we must. It helps rapidly iterate proven solutions.

We built an electric truck with many technologies that we imagined internally. It is continually being refined and revised as we get better ideas that we can test as we create. Benchmarking new electric cars to understand technology and strategy is a must and we do so regularly. A new Mach-E is the latest addition to our fleet.

Partners & Collaborations