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Sustainability in the Manufacturing Industry

Litens Chief Engineer Dr. Steve Jia contributed two chapters to the book Sustainable Material Forming and Joining, published on Feb 6, 2019. The book emphasizes the importance of sustainability in the manufacturing industry and provides these concepts to academia and researchers in the manufacturing industry. ​

Sustainability has become an essential subject in the past few decades. The idea of sustainable development in the manufacturing industry includes three aspects: (1) environmental sustainability – about the planet, (2) economic sustainability – about profit, and (3) social sustainability – about people. These three aspects should be considered simultaneously to minimize the overall environmental impact from a life cycle perspective, in addition to the traditional requirements of lower cost, better quality, and faster delivery to market. Sustainability is a concept and is difficult to measure. The sustainability assessment in the manufacturing industry is a multi-objective and interdisciplinary task and a great challenge due to its inherent complexity and uncertainty.

“I am very proud to be a co-author of the book. A great understanding of environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, and social sustainability has great benefits to my job, especially nowadays, environmental sustainability in the automotive industry has been becoming a fundamental requirement. I am confident that our sustainable product design and manufacturing practices will demonstrate high efficiency in energy consumption, minimum material waste, low cost, high quality, and minimum impact on society.” said Dr. Steve Jia.

About the co-author – Dr. Steve Jia is the Chief Engineer at Litens Automotive Group in Canada with a focus on new product development.