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Toyota Award

In their first year of supply, Litens Brazil (LASA) received in May the Toyota Latin America and Caribbean Suppliers Conference (TLAC) award, in the Quality and Logistics category.

To be eligible for the award, Toyota considers multiple requirements:

  • Quality – parts delivered without any defect (0 PPM), which means zero divergences for every one million components analyzed.
  • Performance – the supplier cannot have any performance issues recorded for the previous year.
  • Logistics – the company must have acquired the certificate in logistics, fulfilling all delivery requirements with no variances in deliveries in the previous year.

LASA has successfully met all requirements!

According to the LASA Managing Director, Cesar Pagani, this award has great value for the team. “Being recognized by Toyota in our first year of supply reinforces that we are committed to excellence in everything we do. For this, we thank Toyota and all Litens employees for this achievement that we are very proud of. Winning together!”

In 2020, the award brought together branches in Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela, as well as the Brazilian and Argentine suppliers. The award event was held virtually.

Congratulations to the LASA team for this remarkable accomplishment!